Step 1

Take Control of Your Software

All you need to know about your software tools stack in one centralized dashboard.

Single source of truth with:
  • Basic info: (Owner, Reason, Cost etc.)
  • Invoices & Contracts
  • Cost trends & Forecast
  • Software usage report
  • Reduce calc
    Reduce calc

    Step 2

    Eliminate Overcharges & Admin Work

    Regain control of payments with smart cards that keep you in control and prevent overcharges.

  • Renewals reminders
  • Cost variation alerts & transaction block
  • One-click cancellation
  • Free trial cards and pause renewals
  • and much more…

    Reduce calc

    Step 3

    Pay Less For Software

    Boost your negotiation power with market knowledge and usage data or… leave it to us.

  • Cost compare & usage analytics to save on SaaS
  • Outsource your procurement for FREE:

    We’ll run the negotiation for you. If we save you money we keep a % of the saved value.

  • Reduce calc

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